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At this point, I may be one of the few people who care about this, but another Girl Talk concert bootleg is loose on the internets.  Greg Gillis unleashed a party at Yale’s Spring Fling this April and freeculturemusic found it worthy enough for the masses.

Wikipedia now lists 6 live Girl Talk bootlegs and I’ve collected 4 so far (if anyone has Live at Bonnaroo ’07 and Capitol Hill Block Party, send them my way please).  I know I played Girl Talk Murders Seattle to death in anticipation of Feed the Animals.  Hopefully, this will satisfy your hunger for Girl Talk.  At the very least, it’ll allow you to reminisce over any recent tour stops you’ve attended.

Download Girl Talk Live @ Yale’s Spring Fling here.

Girl Talk – I’m Ill (Track 5)
Girl Talk – Swagga Like Us (Track 6)

And for the record: Night Ripper > Feed the Animals.

Girl Talk Tour Dates:
6/12 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN
6/19 – The Grove of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA
7/2 – Rothbury – Rothbury, MI
7/11 – Quebec Intl Summer Fest – Quebec City, Quebec
7/12 – LeBreton Flats – Ottawa, Ontario
7/25 – Wanderlust Festival – Lake Tahoe, CA
8/1 – Osheaga Festival – Montreal, Quebec
8/7 – Summer Sonic Festival – Tokyo, Tokyo
8/8 – Summer Sonic Festival – Osaka, Osaka
8/28 – Street Scene – San Diego, CA
9/12 – Monolith Festival – Morrison, CO
9/16- McDonald Theatre – Eugene, OR
10/4 – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX

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  • cheers for the post mate, reckon u could send me the other bootlegs you got?

  • Dmain

    I would love to get those bootlegs too. I’m having trouble downloading them elsewhere.

  • FeL0niOuSmOnK

    Man I’m not sure I can fully agree that Nightripper > Feed The Animals.

    I accidentally put Nightripper on my iPod the other week, and it just sounded tired.

    All I gotta say is Bonnaroo is gonna be nastyy 🙂

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Feed the Animals as well. But when The Nightripper has a lot more “did i really just hear those 2 songs together” moments than FtA.

    I’m certainly jealous of anyone attending Bonnaroo though. A late night Girl Talk set would be a sweaty mess.

  • frist of all thank you for putting up the girltalk. i have love GT and have seen him like 3 times. but i cant find the other bootlegs if you could help that would be great.——Manny

  • GT is pretty much amazing.
    There have been quite a few requests for the other bootlegs. Look out for a post soon with all the bootlegs that I have. Hopefully, someone can fill in for the ones I don’t have (Bonnaroo ’07 and Live at Capitol Hill).

  • sweet, thanks heaps

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  • I taped Girl Talk @ The Block Party and you can download it at my site:

    I also have the Bonnaroo set somewhere too. I imagine my recording from Chop Suey is the one called “Girl Talk Murders Seattle” but I certainly never gave it that name.

  • GPSI

    I have the block party recording as well, feel free to email me if anyone wants it.

  • FeL0niOuSmOnK

    didn’t realize that was threaded. lulz

  • FeL0niOuSmOnK

    @Brian Connolly:

    you have the 09 bonnaroo set? Sendy McSendersonnn!

  • First of all thank you for putting up the girl talk.I have love GT and have seen him like 3 times.But i cant find the other bootlegs if you could help that would be great.

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