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DJ STV SLV of The Hood Internet takes two of the best new acts from 2009 and puts their strengths to work. Drake’s sing-song flow from “Say Something” glides over the ’70’s rock inspired Free Energy backing surprisingly well. Makes you wonder what Drake would have looked like if he would have been cast in “Dazed and Confused”. Right? Okay, maybe not.
The Hood Internet – (This Shit Was) All I Know [Drake x Free Energy]byhoodinternet

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  • Best mash-up artists doing it right now. Simple, unpretentious, unpredictable, takes the original songs and puts an interesting spin on them, better than the original songs in a lot of cases, doesn’t assume every listener has ADD. Bravo yet again. Drake should hear this shit and realize he could probably widen his fan base with a rock-influenced album.

  • The hood internet is the equivalent of tupac to mashup artist. The godfather residing over his blog bastard children.

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