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A couple of up and coming artists I’ve mentioned many a time get some much due video treatment. Check it.

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me video
Bout time is all I can say. Glad to see it finally happen. Looks like Mike opted to showcase a electrofied version of the Gigamesh remix for the official video. Listen up for a snippet of “Smoke & Drive” in the background.¬†UPDATE: Matt aka Gigamesh informed me that the remix I posted earlier is an incomplete version Mike made for the One Foot Out The Door mixtape. Matt later shortened the mix and add a bridge section, which is now in the video and is the “single mix”.
Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Official Remix)
Video  below:

Vonnegutt – Promo video
You should already have The Appetizer EP (if not, get it here). With a Lollapalooza date coming and signing with new management, its about time a EPK was released. Basically, if you have a friend that doesn’t know Vonnegutt, pass it on. There is definitely a snippet of a new jam that I haven’t heard yet. Sounds pretty good to me.
Upcoming Vonnegutt tour dates:
5/29 -Spring 4th Center – Atlanta, GA
6/18 – Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
8/6 – Lollapalooza – Chicago,IL

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  • Ross

    Nice- not to be a Debbie downer, but why do people feel the need to sing along (shout) lyrics at concerts?? I paid to see the performer, not listen to a crowd sing. I think it all started with Dashboard Confessional..

    Mike Posner has been on constant repeat in my ride.
    Being in an elevator while it says ‘going up’ was my idea, give credit where it is due.

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