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Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably saw Girl Talk released his latest album All Day for free on the internetz. Get Girl Talk – All Day at Illegal Art’s site either tracked out or as a seamless mp3 file (as intended, but if you are intelligent enough to listen to it in order on your iPod, tracked out will be fine).

I’ve only listened to it one and a half times, but here are eleven thoughts:
1) I like the longer samples Gregg promised. It feels more like an album that the ADD frenzy most mash-up/music collage artists put out (but I still enjoy those obviously)
2) There are always a few “did he just do that” moments on Girl Talk records. The Beyonce’ “Single Ladies” to M.O.P.’s “Ante Up” to Miley Cyrus is pretty priceless on “That’s Right”. Right now I’m leaning towards Ludacris’ “How Low” with Phoenix’s “1901” on “Triple Double”
3) Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” + Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” = simple, yet genius
4) Girl Talk is still a master at utilizing classic rock/’80s samples that most wouldn’t immediately think to use. General Public’s “Tenderness” and ELO’s “Mr Blue Sky” are used to perfection on “Let It Out”, elsewhere Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” is amazing on “Thats Right”
5) Who says mash-ups don’t turn people on to new artists? I need someone to give me a tutorial on Aphex Twin ASAP
6) The Foxy Brown and Lil Kim samples are much more appreciated than Nicki Minaj
7) I always pegged Mr. Gillis as more of a Biggie fan than a 2Pac fan and that continues with 2 B.I.G. samples on All Day, but at least “How Do U Want” it pops in for a quick second
8 ) Some of this material was used during GT’s Hangout Fest set and I was immediately transported back to that beach. I want to go back….now.
9) As always, Wikipedia has all of the sample from All Day. Jaw dropping per the usual.
10) I’ll probably always list Night Ripper as my favorite, but All Day adds to the already strong Girl Talk discography
11) Not sure you could have a better closer than “Imagine”. Good choice.
Girl Talk – That’s Right
Girl Talk – Triple Double

Also, do you think he unleashed the album to the public for free because:
A) he loves his fans
B) those Beatles samples will have the lawyers calling
C) to cover the $10 bump in concert ticket prices
D) All of the above
Its probably a mixture of all three. There was some initial disdain from some about his tour (dates listed here) being pricier than previous outings, but I feel like its justified. There is no “pay what you want” option for All Day (I donated $10 for Feed The Animals) and Mr. Gillis will be performing at larger venues than previous tours. The album took two and a half years for gods sakes. So if you catch him in your city, just chalk up the extra cost in knowing that you got his album for free.

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  • LJ

    Personal highlights: “Triple Double”, “Make me Wanna” (Waka Flocka Flame) and “Oh No”. Unfortunately I cannot give more specifics about which parts of each track I like because Girl Talk is the man and puts 29348234 songs into one. Also I am very much enjoy the longer tracks, as opposed to my other mash-up friends who throw everything together in one lump. And I close by thanking Girl Talk for my very successful runs this week, my ears and feet have never been happier.

  • Tom

    Its really impossible to pick favorites on this thing. Not only because there are so many good parts, but because I can never tell if it is the original source material or Girl Talk’s interpretation that I like so much (see Rick Ross on “This is the Remix” and your previously noted Luda/Phoenix mash).

    LJ, while track names are useful reference points, let us stay true to Greg’s intentions and discuss this album as a single piece of art. Which sections did you find your feet moving the fastest?

    JL, Greg certainly seems like a big BIG fan. I imagine that, growing up in the mid-western city of Pittsburgh, he yearned for the musical culture of the East Coast (actually, Pittsburgh radio is far advanced compared to ATL radio, so maybe he was in a good spot). Is Tupac’s only moment on this album the 3 measure* beat 10 seconds into the album?! At least he gets an opening spot.

    * note: musical terminology and quantitative analysis subject to error.

  • Tom

    Thats a lot of letters all close together. Seems the commenting system doesn’t deal with line breaks very well, sorry.

  • Tom – Interesting that you brought up geographical nature of radio. Makes a lot of sense as to why Gregg’s affinity for BIG samples. I wonder how I gravitated more towards 2Pac. Wikipedia claims there is another 2Pac sample scattered in All Day somewhere, but its location is “unidentified”. Also, LJ hasn’t stopped moving her feet since acquiring All Day.

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