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You’ve heard the 1st single from Jay-Z & Kanye West’s release, Watch the Throne, right? The bars Mr. Carter and Mr. West drop mixed with that production goes…well, I’ll let the chorus tell you. I’ll buy into the Lex Luger hype now. Get Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch the Throne on March 1st. Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M. by ListenBeforeYouBuy
Via Listen Before You Buy. Tell me Frank did you stay up til midnight for the release of the song??

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  • Tom

    I actually think that the overly dramatic opera singing shit has not place in this song. I like the verses, but can stand that high pitched “ahhhhh”ing. I have only listened to it once, so maybe it will grow on me, but I sort of hope not.

    I own this game called “Demon’s Souls” (no joke) that has this same sound resonating through one of the levels where you are creeping around an abandon prison sleighing weird monstrosities. I wish I could sleigh this right out of H.A.M..

  • Tom

    Also, this side-by-side with Jay-Z and Kanye really drove home my appreciation of Jay-Z OVER Kanye. I’ll be interested to see if I feel the same way across the whole album, or if each artist will shine on different tracks.

  • I kinda like the over dramatic production on this one. It contrasts the gutter nature of hip-hop for an interesting mix. Agree on Jay-Z stepping it up though. For some reason, I think Jay rises to the occasion when he rhymes with Kanye. This album should be fantastic.

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