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She's baaaaaaaaack

Well this is just about the best news you could ask for on a Wed. morning. Emmy the Great, Brit folk chanteuse and songwriter, just released a new track “A Woman A Woman, Century of Sleep” (Free Download below). Virtue will be released on June 13th and has an interesting story to go with it.

According to Emmy’s site, “the album started out as a purely third person project, but took on a personal tinge when Emma got caught up in her fiance’s sudden religious conversion and the break-up of their relationship. The album was recorded very quickly after the summer of her cancelled wedding, with chief bridesmaid Euan, and legendary producer Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Grizzly Bear, These New Puritans).” Tragic, but if thats not good material for a charming, sarcastic songwriter, I don’t know what is.

“A Woman A Woman, Century of Sleep” has everything you remember from Emmy with honest yet mocking lyrics amid a seemingly harmless backing. The choir is a particularly charming jab at her former mate’s new path.

Pre-order Emmy the Great Virtue now.

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