ODESZA – All We Need (Haywyre Remix)

ODESZA – All We Need (Haywyre Remix)

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awn_haywyre_2_ Post by Dan A.

Wow Haywyre absolutely crushed it with this one. His distinct and original sound on top of Odesza’s “All We Need” is just a dream come true indie EDM fans. With bouncy synth, genius vocal chops and hints of a funky guitar, this song is nothing short of mesmerizing. Classical Jazz influence is what really sets this legend’s songs apart from everyone else’s. You can stream and grab a free download below!

BONUS: Haywyre – Insight

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  • Bender

    Wait what? There is an Odesza song in here somewhere? Could have fooled me. I still like it though. Makes me want some lossless playback on some fancy audio setup. My whole body is grooving with this base. I also like the heavy dusting of Royksopp-esque tones in there.

  • jayelaudio

    Haha. It was the basis, but Haywyre certainly transformed it into something of his own. Good call on the Royksopp influence.

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