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Andre Villoch: Troubador

When Laura and I went to Traverse City last December, I really didn’t plan on hearing any other music than what was on my i-pod. But after walking into a bookstore cafe, I was pleasantly surprised. There were 3 singer-songwriters giving the audience a sampling of their respective works, there was one that stood out and of course, I forgot to find out who he was. After some web searching and phone calls, I found that he was Andre Villoch. He’s a folk singer from Northern Michigan and sings about topics from packing everything up and moving to Mexico to relationships gone awry to an poet’s inspiration. When I got a hold of him, he informed me he only has 1 album released so far (“Gum Wrapper Roses”), but he assured me that another will be on the way this spring. Check out his website at Who Is Andre Villoch?.

The song that made me seek out the album:

Andre Villoch-“Henry David”

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio