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Editors: Summer Jump-"Start"

Editors are back with the lead single from their sophomore album, An End Has A Start. The stellar “Smokers Outside Hospital Doors” is sure to build anticipation and lure new fans with its grandeur sound and heartfelt lyrics. Similar to “Camera” and “All Sparks” off The Back Room, lead singer Tom Smith commands attention with his larger than life voice that reverberates the speakers over a heavenly beat.

I am interested to see the Editors growth over the past year and am anxious for June 25th, when An End Has A Start is released in the U.K. (a U.S. date hasn’t been issued yet). They are one of the first bands I heard when I began my new music quest and was immediately hooked. I was fortunate enough to check them out at The Magic Stick in Detroit last summer and it only furthered my appreciation of their immense talent. Hopefully, they don’t avoid Michigan like many of the other bands I have wanted to check out in 2007 (see The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon, etc.).

Editors – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio