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Larrikin Love – "Spark" Lost

London based rockers, Larrikin Love exploded into the indie realm in 2005 and quickly gained recognition for great live performances and strong singles (“Happy As Annie”, “Six Queens”). It wasn’t long before Larrikin Love was snatched up by Warner Bros. and released the debut album “The Freedom Spark” in September 2006. Their blend of rock, punk, and bluegrass is refreshing and easily keeps the attention of listeners with music ADD. Unfortunately, after a splattering the British music charts throughout last year, the band “amicably” has decided to call it quits.

“Happy As Annie” is quite memorable, as a story turned melancholy warning about a child rape victim. Lead singer, Edward Larrikin spouts off his disturbing findings while on a seemingly meaningless journey turned sour. The violinist (special guest Rob Skipper of the Holloways) steals the show, as this “gypsy-punk” tale echos “Children please beware!/I’m choked with fear/Oh children please beware! /I’m choked with fear.” After only one listen, its hard to dissect the social commentary in this jolly tune, infused with bluegrass and punk rock, but well worth it.

Larrikin Love will be missed.

Larrikin Love – Happy As Annie

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio