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Rilo Kiley: Potential "Moneymaker"

I am glad to say Los Angeles indie stalwarts, Rilo Kiley have returned with their first major label single, “The Moneymaker”. After the success of the potent album More Adventurous and touring with the likes of Bright Eyes and Coldplay, Warner Bros. Records quickly snatched the band up for future hits.

I first heard about Rilo Kiley last summer after numerous plugs from fellow blogger Ms. Waters and found the folk/indie rock infused More Adventurous to be more than worth the hype. The country-blues flavored title track “More Adventurous”, “I Never”, and practically the entire set are a lyrical relief and musical genius.

Fronted by lead singer Jenny Lewis‘s best seductive lounge singer impression and the band’s bluesy accompaniment, “The Moneymaker” is sure to catch the ears of old and new listeners. The lyrics aren’t exactly ground breaking (a bit repetitive, actually), but the band’s alliance with frequent Dr. Dre collaborator, Mike Elizondo has only evolved their resonance further. Lewis’ breathy vocals sound as though she is scouting her prey and the chorus is her cue to pounce. The lyrics “You’ve got the money maker/You’ve got the money maker/This is your chance to make it/Out out out oh yeah/You’ll get out out out oh yeah” could be a mating ritual or foreshadow their impending rise to fame.

Mark August 20th on your calendars, when the band’s fourth album, Under the Blacklight is scheduled to be released.

Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio