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Eisely – Family "Combinations"

Eisley is a collective lead by the serene vocals of Sherri DuPree and made up of four siblings and one cousin. I was made aware of the band when they were featured as the “NPR Song of the Day” last week. They immediately caught my attention as soon as I heard them with intricate indie sensibilities mixed with pop flare and made me an instant fan.

Combinations is their second full length album on Warner Bros Records and it is chock full of lush, indie pop sounds reminiscent of the ’60s. Eisley has many of the same ear-pleasing attributes as Rilo Kiley: a great lead singer, catchy, story-like songs and a strong band. The first single, “Invasion” shines as a political statement (possibly?) with an amped up, guitar driven chorus and dramatic lyrics: “And you, you, you, you/you would take the breath from my throat/and you, you, you, you,/you would take the cherished people that i hold”. “A Sight to Behold” features the band’s Radiohead influence with a heavier sound, but is still very accessible. It matches the love story about a forging ahead despite past failed relationships amid the new wave, bass-laden backing.

“Taking Control” stands out as an immediate favorite that should receive pop attention. The song refers to a romance in a downward spiral, where the narrator has no control of the situation. She finally stands her ground at the end by switching to chorus to the stand offish: “You’ve been making a joke of our lives/And you’ve been letting this go/You’ve been taking control of our lives/And you’ve been letting this go”. Hopefully, it doesn’t get overplayed (but I’m sure the band would be flattered) by being picked up by a “Grey’s Anatomy”-like show as a theme song or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did though, because it seems Eisley has crafted an album that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Eisley – Invasion

Eisley – Taking Control

Eisely is currently on tour with Mute Math and will be playing at St Andrews Hall on October 13th. Check them out if you are in the area.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio