2007 Wrap-Up: 10 Tracks in 2007

I feel like I might be shooting myself in the foot by neglecting some songs, but as far as I can remember, these were my favorites. Feel free to let me know of any suggestions.

#10 Emmy the Great “Two Steps Forward”

While 2008 will likely bring Emmy the Great to the masses, she started to build a name for herself with a few underground singles. “Two Steps Forward” is a sophisticated rant without a chorus, but you wouldn’t know it with her soothing voice. This “anti-folk” single about past loves sounds amazing among a fiddle, light guitar riffs and Emmy’s angelic voice.

#9 Arctic Monkeys “Do Me A Favor”

My Favourite band from Sheffield returned after a short hiatus with more stories of mischief in the U.K. This gripping narrative details a relationship headed for the guillotine with the soundtrack to match. The nerve wracking bass line leads to a guitar smashing result that works superbly.

#8 Kate Nash “Foundations”

Kate Nash acquired many comparisons to Lily Allen from her poetic storytelling to her alliance with Mark Ronson, but Nash made a name for herself on her 1st hit single . “Foundations” is solid as a sarcastic break-up monologue filled with clever wordplay over a piano and guitar landscape.

#7 Iron and Wine “Boy With A Coin”

Sam Beam shines on the first single from The Shepherd’s Dog. In a departure from his past low key (but still great) work, the track’s backing has more than the usual acoustic guitar. Hand claps, electric guitar, light drum and some vocal distortion help craft this song filled with religious imagery.

#6 Bright Eyes “Four Winds”

While it took me awhile to realize the genius that is Conor Oberst, the first single from Cassadaga made me a believer. “Four Winds” features political and religious musings over a refined bluegrass sound. Its easily the best toe-tapping apocalyptic tune of 2007.

#5 Patrick Wolf “The Magic Position”

Patrick Wolf made a name for himself in 2007 as an eccentric character on the upbeat single, “The Magic Position”. As if it was plucked from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack, the track features hand clap percussion, a childish chant and a hypnotic hook. The not-so-subtle come on might not work for Wolf in reality, but it works perfectly in song.

#4 Jose Gonzalez “Down the Line”

Gonzalez‘s latest effort easy caught my ear this summer. His way with a guitar and a cool melody ease the tension on the simple, yet mesmerizing song about regret and temptation. This could also win the award for creepiest video of the year.

#3 The Black Kids “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend to Dance With You”

With a little help from Rolling Stone, Florida’s The Black Kids have some of the best buzz leading into 2008. On this single, the band’s garage rock sounds sweet intertwined with the bitter storyline surrounding it.

#2 Rogue Wave “Lake Michigan”

Rogue Wave burst back on the scene after recording their latest album, Asleep At Heaven’s Gate in the Midwest. This melancholy and socially conscious track features some of their best work complete with crashing guitars and always welcome hand claps. Pay attention and you’ll find its about pollution. Imagine that.

#1 Bon Iver “Skinny Love”

You might notice a theme here with minimalist yet dramatic songs featuring an emotional singer on this list, but Bon Iver deserves to be here as well. This folk classic about loneliness after love is as earnest as they come. Certainly my favorite of many favorites in 2007.