Chicago Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza 2008: Initial Lineup

It has been waaaaaay to long since I have added anything to this site. I was really hoping to not have one of those blogs that gets updated once a month. Hopefully, I will return to form immediately.

Whether it was a clever ploy by Perry Farrell and organizers to drum up more early ticket sales or just an innocent leak, I love it. When the “potential” early line-up for Lollapalooza 2008 leaked Friday via the Chicago Sun-Times, it only validated my recent ticket purchase. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be amped and ready to roast in Grant Park, Chicago August 1st – 3rd. Not only were most of my hopes answered for most of the artists attending. But my recent task of scouring band websites and tour itineraries to see who had the 1st weekend of August free, made many of my guesses correct.

Here is my take on who will be joining me at Lollapalooza:

Radiohead: I know the basics of their catalog, but I’m excited to have another reason to check out their catalog in preparation. In Colours seemed to be the “it” album of 2007, so no surprise here.

Nine Inch Nails: I can’t lie, I don’t know the band’s work. Their video for “Closer” creeped me out beyond believe in 7th grade, so we’ll see about these cats.

Rage Against the Machine: I may not be in the middle of the most pit, but I have been looking forward to a Rage reunion. My friends who saw them at Vegoose and Rock the Bells said it was insane. Count me in.

Wilco & The Raconteurs: I know an equal amount about both bands, very little. I have been impressed with both albums by Jack White’s boys and look forward to hear more from Wilco.

Kanye West: Chicago’s son comes home to rock the biggest party in the city. I expect a lot of “Flashing Lights”, emotion and specials guests (could we see a CRS performance?). Cannot wait!

The rest:
Gnarls Barkley: “The Odd Couple” may have turned away mainstreamers without a pop record like “Crazy”, but it was still solid. I’m hoping to see some interesting costumes while Cee-Lo spits the Gospel.

The Black Keys: Yes, yes and yes. These guys have been in heavy rotation in my eardrums since I heard “Your Touch” this winter. Although I’ll have to skip their show in Royal Oak, it will only further my anticipation of their throwback, garage rock sound.

The Cool Kids: Another Windy City act poise to explode from the hype that has already been bubbling. Their ’80s inspired rhymes should keep the crowd in a head-nodding frenzy.

Mates of State, Bloc Party, Office, the Go! Team: All constants on my playlists and will all be part of my plans for that weekend.

Cat Power, G. Love, Broken Social Scene, Jamie Lidell: Research for the next few months.

Blues Traveler: What?

Girl Talk: Do you really have to ask? I’ll be there.

Would you like a sample?

Wilco – What A Light

Gnarls Barkley – Going On

The Cool Kids – Action Figures

Mates of State – Goods (All In Your Head)

Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches

Office – Oh My

The Go! Team – Grips Like A Vice

Girl Talk – Pure Magic