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The Rapture ft Timbaland: "No", You Read My Mind

Timbaland has certainly been one of the most in-demand producers for any genre over the past two years. He collaborated with many artists that I never imagined (Madonna, Duran Duran) and some that I wished he didn’t (Danity Kane, M.Pokora). Either way, I am usually satisfied.

So imagine my surprise when I found that Timbo collaborated with The Rapture for the Grand Theft Auto 4 Soundtrack. I admittedly beat The Rapture’s Pieces of the People We Love album to death, with infectious tracks like “Get Myself Into It” and “Whoo! Alright. Yeah..Uh-Huh” last summer. Timbaland’s innovative, beat box-filled, dance ready production is a perfect match for The Rapture’s catchy, dance-punk tunes. Justin Timberlake even gushed that he wanted Future Sex/Love Sound to feel like the band’s hit, “House of Jealous Lovers”.

Timbo’s beat-boxing (“1-2-3/Here we GO”) gets things rolling and is quickly joined by an assortment of sounds. Everything from Timbaland’s trusty synthesizer to traditional guitar and drums to an assortment of cow bells (clearly The Rapture’s favorite backup instrument). I can’t say the song makes much sense, with Luke Jenner apparently moaning about some bloke’s new abstinence for “trashing people”. It doesn’t matter much when you are hypnotically listening to the infectious track on loop.

The Rapture – No Sex For Ben ft Timbaland

Also featured in Timbland’s Verizon V-Cast Commercial.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio