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Josh Fix: "Whiskey" and Queen

I had this Josh Fix post all ready to be published and then NPR’s All Songs Considered beat me to it (I’m way behind on Google Reader). They sum up this multi-talented musician as a Freddie Mercury/Elton John “hybrid”. I didn’t get the Elton comparison at first, but now I can see that. Much like those two legends, Fix plays guitar, percussion, keyboard and synthesizer, to name a few. His debut album, Free At Last, has a very accessible, layered power pop sound. My favorite, “Whiskey & Speed”, was named Best Unsigned Demo by a San Francisco branch of the Grammy’s. The song’s mocking approach to addiction some how comes off as light-hearted.

Josh Fix will probably be named as a Mika knock-off, but I just never got into him. Fix is much more talented and less annoying than Mika, and is closer aligned to the Queen frontman than Mika is. I even appreciate his ELO influence (“Strange Magic” is sweet).

Josh Fix – Whiskey & Speed

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio