Narkworthy 8/21: Nark-N-Rolla

The name certainly doesn’t work as well as the last one, but it will do. Plenty of heavy hitters made the cut (Nas, Kanye, The Game, T-Pain) this go round, but look out for the newcomers (especially LMFAO) and legends (Large Professor). Of course, “Jockin’ Jay-Z” had to be included. Kid Cudi continues his run of appearances and Young Jeezy put together 2 bangers (with a little help from Nas). I’ve been the biggest Jeezy hater around, but his new work on The Recession might persuade me otherwise. He always had solid production, but his word play never matched the beats. Finally, I can’t believe it took so long for someone to jump on Coldplay‘s “Lost”. It is the most hip-hop/Timbo-esque beat on one of the biggest rock albums of the year.

1. Page – Still Fly ft Drake
2. Now On – Write Back ft Shawn Jackson
3. Young Jeezy – Crazy World
4. Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z (prod by Kanye West)
5. MURS – Can It Be
6. The Game – Angel ft Common (prod by Kanye West)
7. The Clipse – Celebrate ft Joss Stone
8. Attitude – Man Right Here (prod by Danja)
9. Large Professor – Hardcore
10. LMFAO – Yes
11. Novel – Lost (Coldplay Remix)
12. Trey-C – Showboatin’ ft Ya Boy, Glasses Malone & Matt Blaque
13. Slim Thug – Bitch I’m Back ft Devin the Dude (prod by Dr. Dre)
14. Nas – What It Is (Esco Let’s Go)
15. Lil’ Scrappy – Stand Up ft Lil’ Wayne
16. The Game – My Life ft Lil’ Wayne
17. Young Jeezy – My President Is Black ft Nas
18. DJ Khaled – Go Hard ft Kanye West & T-Pain
19. Asher Roth – I Love College
20. Kid CuDi – Man On The Moon (The Anthem)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio