Cover Me Badd: Alphabeat, The Kooks

Since I’ve gotten more and more into the indie/underground rock realm, I’ve noticed the impact of covers. Mark Ronson made a solid album full of them with Version. While I was hesitant at first, talented musicians can certainly make someone else’s song, their own work.

Its not exactly new any more, but Alphabeat continued Daft Punk‘s recent resurgence earlier this year with a cover of “Digital Love”. With all of the beeps, synth and electro on the original, I was pretty skeptical before I gave it a listen. Surprisingly, Alphabeat re-imagined the track as an acoustic, choral sing-along, rather than Daft Punk’s Spring Break heater. Needless to say, I pretty much played this any time I could this summer.

Alphabeat – Digital Love (Daft Punk cover)

More recently, one of my favorite bands of last summer, The Kooks, covered one of my favorites of this summer, MGMT. Similar to Alphabeat, The Kooks opted to turn MGMT’s electro-funk sound into a guitar laden foot tapper on “Kids”. By exchanging futuristic keys and vocal distortion for the English accent of Luke Pritchard, The Kooks edition will line up to the original on my future playlists.

The Kooks – Kids (MGMT cover)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio