New Music: Coming Soon

Soooo Blogger deleted my Nark & Norah’s Infinite Playlist post and a few others over the past week by the request of a label or 2. I haven’t had this happen to me before. I mean, I’ve had people delete the sendspace links, but maybe this is the RIAA’s new tactic.

Just another example of how backwards the industry is these days and they have no clue how to use the internets. Does Atlantic actually think they are going to lose millions because of some love from the blogs? If so, why did they selling Paper Trail for $3.99 on Amazon last Tuesday? Some artists (Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi, XV, Crooked I to name a few) actually know how to use blogs and the free publicity to their advantage and actually embrace it. Kanye leaked “Love Lockdown” himself for God sakes! I was lucky enough to get this comment before the post got axed:

“wow! thanks for adding city on fire to this mix! theres some really dope stuff on here.
if you need any more songs feel free to hit me up.”

How cool is that? I added “City on Fire” by Che Grand to my latest mixtape, he noticed and actually thanked me for it. The game needs more artists like that. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more Che Grand in this spot in the future.

If you need Nark & Norah’s Infinite Playlist in your life, e-mail me. Keep checking back for my next move. I’m contemplating switching to WordPress, but we’ll see.

Che Grand – City On Fire

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio