Hip-Hop Nark Rap

New Mixtape: Nark Streets


A little something for the Holiday break.  I’ll have actual 2008 best of lists when its most appropriate, in 2009.

Mixtape Observations:
A. Common + Kanye > Common + Pharrell
B. The only artists who should use Auto-Tune – T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye
C. Lupe Fiasco has more unreleased gems than most rappers have hits
D. Kid CuDi, B.o.B. and Wale are the best new hip-hop artists right now…and no one else is even close
E. Jackie Chain is the worst rap name ever
F. I’m warming up to the Baltimore Club Movement – see track 18

Nark Streets
1. Wale – Pot of Gold ft Daniel Merriwether
2. Lupe Fiasco – Hustlers and Customers
3. Che Grand – Bless’d ft Soul
4. B.o.B. – F*** You ft Lil Boosie and DG Yola
5. Jackie Chain – Rollin’ Remix ft KiD CuDi
6. Chamillionaire – I Got
7. GLC – Big Screen ft Kanye West
8. Marvo – I Gotta Hustle ft Mush Millions
9. K’Naan – Somalia
10. Royce 5’9″ – Give Up Ur Guns ft Talib Kweli
11. Swagg – So Sticky ft B.o.B.
12. Wale – 2nd Time ft Brother Ali
13. Asher Roth – The Reading (J. Brookinz remix)
14. PRGz – Wood Grain
15. Big Sean – Get’cha Some
16. Sha Stimuli – Everybody Else ft T-Pain
17. The Game – Red Magic ft Lil’ Wayne
18. Emynd – We Don’t Give A… ft Young Chris
19. Big P.O.P.E. – Don’t Go ft Wale (Diplo Remix)
20. Novel – I Am ft Talib Kweli and Spree Wilson
21. Common – Announcement ft Pharrell

Let me know what you think.