New Villager: "Rich" in 2009

new villager

Now that 2008 is settled.  Lets move on.  One of the many tracks that caught my ear so far this year comes from New Villager.  They are a talented duo (Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini) from Brooklyn, NY/California…other than that, that’s all I can tell you.  Their label, Two Syllable Records, mentions some randomness about a mythological character transformation, but they sound like an intriguing experimental dance/electronic band to me.  Their track “Rich Doors “, enters 2009 with booming drums, a catchy hook and enough space-age sounds to make Pharrell and Chad jealous.  I foresee a Hood Internet helmed Clipse mash-up in the future.

New Villager – Rich Doors

Thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog for turning me on to another great band.

Buy New Villager – Rich Doors “7 single here

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio