Kyle Andrews: Random "Sushi"


I thoroughly enjoy how random finding music can be.  Here are the steps I took to find this gem:

  1. In the process of cleaning out text messages
  2. Found a friend recommended a song by Laura Marling (Thanks Russ)
  3. Searched Laura Marling on the Hype Machine
  4. Found a Mystery Jets track featuring Laura Marling
  5. Downloaded from Yellow Stereo blog
  6. Sampled other songs from another post
  7. Loved “Sushi” by Kyle Andrews
  8. Downloaded from Yellow Stereo blog
  9. Added Yellow Stereo to RSS feed

Simple as that.  New, good music is everywhere, you just have to look.

Kyle Andrews continues the enjoyable electro/synth revival taking place on the indie music scene.  A Nashville/Chicago based singer, recorded and played all instruments on his sophomore album, Real Blasty (buy it here).  Based on the pop fun of “Sushi”, I’ll be checking out the new album ASAP.

Kyle Andrews will be opening for The Morning Benders and The Submarines at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta on Friday, Feb 6th.  Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 DOS.

Kyle Andrews – Sushi

Mystery Jets – Young Love ft Laura Marling

Laura Marling – Failure