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Lil' Wayne: "Hot Revolver", Maybe

Recently, I stated that the only artists that should be allowed to use Auto-Tune were Mr. West, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne.  Based on the early results from Weezy’s upcoming rock album, Rebirth, I may have misspoke.

I was fine with Dwayne’s use of music technology on tracks like “Swagger Like Us” and Gorilla Zoe’s “Lost”, but that was when he was rapping.  I applaud his decision to try something new (similar to 808’s and Heartbreak) and give singing a go, but he is no Kanye.   Auto-Tune is used to “correct pitch” and apparently Wayne needs more help than others.  Whereas the tool complements Kanye West, it makes Wayne almost intelligible.

The first 2 leaks from Rebrith further drive home the fact that Wayne’s singing career is a work in progress at best.  “Prom Queen” is essentially a Gremlin-sounding disaster.  The 2nd early offering, “Hot Revolver” is much improved than an early mixtape version of the track, but mostly due to an appearance by Kevin Rudolf.  Wayne starts by borrowing a line from Green Day’s “Basket Case”, while drifting into outer space crooning.  Rudolf infuses some ’80’s inspired energy on the chorus, but is really the only memorable part of the track.  On the positive side, I actually think the track sounds very much like “Your Love” by the Outfield.

You be the judge.

Lil’ Wayne – Hot Revolver ft Kevin Rudolf

The Outfield – Your Love

Look for Rebirth on April 7th, if your so inclined.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio