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Soundtracked: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist


The recent DVD release of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist made me realize how I overlooked the soundtrack this fall.  I remember being intrigued by early viewings of the track list and “Ottoman” added to the Vampire Weekend buzz bandwagon, but by October the album (and movie) was lost in the 4Q shuffle. Luckily, my recent travels allowed me to catch up on a great deal of music.

The soundtrack to Nick & Norah is everything you would expect it to be, catchy indie pop by a who’s who of up and coming bands.  However, it succeeds where  many soundtracks fail: crafting an album that flows thru multiple listens, rather than a few hits amid album leftovers.  In fact many tracks (The Submarines, Shout Out Louds, We Are Scientists) do appear on the bands’ proper albums, but fit so well with the arrangement, their almost better suited here.  Songs like “Lover” by Devandra Banhart and Army Navy‘s contribution, “Silvery Sleds”, had me second-guessing my negative 1st impression of the bands.  And Band of Horses further prove why their 1st album (Everything All the Time), shouldn’t be overlooked on “Our Swords”.

We Are Scientists – After Hours

The Dead ’60’s – Riot Radio

Buy the soundtrack to Nick &  Norah’s Infinite Playlist here

Being that this was the 1st soundtrack since Garden State to reach multiple listens for me, it made me reminisce about other classic soundtracks.  I’d have to include at least Footloose, Above the Rim, and Friday somewher in the top 20. Bad Boys anyone?

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