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Drake: "So Far", So Good


I’ve been keeping tabs on rapper/singer Drake since adding “I’m Still Fly” to Nark-N-Rolla.  His sing-song flow is reminiscent of Kanye/KiD CuDi and his eclectic taste in beats has gained buzz with the mainstream set and indie music fans alike.

Drake recently signed to Lil’ Wayne‘s Young Money Records, which is great or terrible depending who you ask.  The good news is, he has been blessed with numerous guest appearances by Weezy on mixtape tracks and a spot on The Carter tour.  The bad news is, like the rest of the “Young Moola” stable, we might never see a proper album debut.

Tracks from his newest mixtape, So Far Gone, have been getting the faucet treatment on all your favorite hip-hop/rap blogs, but I opted to wait for the whole thing.  “Say Whats Real” is particularly poignant (and almost better than this) as Drake bobs and weaves over Kanye West’s “Say You Will”.  I’ve always said rappers that cater to the indie music crowd could gain a loyal fanbase they don’t normally get by sampling the right music.  Apparently, Drake agreed.  So Far Gone features original freestyles/songs, amid other tracks owned by Peter Bjorn John, Santigold and Coldplay.  The addition to Lykke Li’s “A Little Bit” doesn’t top the original, but differentiates with rhymes and flavor only Drake could provide.

Download So Far Gone: The Mixtape.

Drake – A Little Bit ft Lykki Li

Drake – Congratulations

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