Guilty Pleasure Alert: Akon "Freedom"

I might as well just admit it, I like the new Akon album, Freedom. I tried to avoid it all costs, but I finally succumbed.  The production on Freedom (Jaylien2010, T-Pain, Red One, Giorgio Tuinfort) is heavily, heavily influenced by Euro Pop/House music, which means its dance party approved.  It coincides with the electro movement that took over my iPod last year.

I mean, its not exactly ground breaking lyrically, this is Akon we are talking about here.  If you’ve heard any of his previous hits, you know the drill.  On “Troublemaker” he even mentions references “Don’t Matter”.  He still announces his arrival at the beginning of every track.  He still loves money, cars, clothes, and ladies.  But you don’t listen to Akon for political statements, right?  It serves its purpose as care-free, fun, weekend party music.

Hate. Discuss. Try It Out.

Akon – We Don’t Care

Akon – Be With You

Buy Freedom here.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio