Futurecop!: '80's "Kids" Tour America

In my daily dive into the concert line-ups in Detroit, ATL and Charlotte, I came across Peter Carrol and Manzur Iqbal of Futurecop!.  Their description on the The Crofoot’s website mentioned Girl Talk, so I immediately had to check them out.  What I found is a UK duo that emulates everything awesome about the ’80s: ridiculous neon, space age synthesizers and over the top light shows.  How could you not love a band that lists The Flight of the Navigator as one of their influences?

I can’t say much more than what Detroit blogger Jeff Milo wrote about Futurecop!.  They are part of the massive ’80’s pop-inspired dance music movement that has been taking over the music scene the past few years.  I’ll certainly keep you updated with their nostalgic mash-ups and original beat heavy tracks.

If you are in the Detroit metro area, on Monday, March 2nd, I highly recommend you join Futurecop! at the Pike Room.  Doors open at 8pm and tickets are a cheap, $10.

Futurecop! – N.A.S.A.

Pick up Futurecop! – The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth EP here.

The Atlanta stop is Tuesday, March 24th at 529. Tickets are $7.

See the rest of the Futurecop! tour dates below:


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