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Jack Penate: Return "Today"

jack penate
Last month marked the return of the UK’s Jack Penate with the lead single, “Tonight Today”.  When I last wrote about him, he was making waves with his debut album, Matinee.  I listened to the album constantly and almost every track made it onto mixtapes I gave out.  From “Spit At Stars” to “Have I Been A Fool”, Penate’s sound varied from Brit Pop to Rockabilly in ways that crossed over into modest success on the UK album charts.

“Tonight’s Today” again finds Penate experimenting with other musical genres, while still utilizing his jangly guitar work.  Using vocal distortion, chanting back-up singers and organ-effects (?), the track as a ’60’s pop feel to it.  Describing monotonous days and nights, while striving for something more is more than fitting.

Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today

Pick up Jack Penate – Matinee here

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio