Kanye West: "Storyteller" of Heartbreak

I still have no idea why people are sleeping on 808’s & Heartbreak.  It may not be your typical “hip-hop” album, but thats what makes Kanye great.  He isn’t afraid to try something new.  He may be the most arrogant man on the planet, but he is passionate about what he does and puts his full effort in every performance he does.  Lollapalooza was filled with extra commentary and rants, but every song Kanye performed with maximum effort and intensity.

Another example, his appearance on “VH1 Storytellers”.  I’m not saying agree with everthing he says, but he is certainly an engaging speaker and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.  His rendition of “Amazing” is particularly spectacular.  Who knew part of “Robocop” was inspired by Tenacious D?

Watch all the videos at the best rap/hip-hop blog out there, Nah Right.

Kanye West – VH1 Storytellers (audio) Spotted at eskay’s spot.

Kanye West – Robocop (VH1 Storytellers)

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