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Cursive: "Mama I'm" Cheap

Saddle Creek indie rock band Cursive had an interesting idea for an album release this week: Sell the entire Mama, I’m Swollen album online starting March 1st, starting at $1 and increase $1 per day until the physical release on March 10th.  I don’t know if this tactic has been done before, but it is pretty genius.

You’re probably saying, if the band is selling mp3’s online, then its probably already on LimeWire or you favorite torrent site.  Thats probably true, but Cursive is selling 320kps tracks, whereas the trash you get on LimeWire is 128kps.  As I’ve mentioned before, if you listen to music at high volumes anywhere besides you iPod, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Will this crafty marketing maneuver work?  I’d say so.  I had never heard of Cursive until today, but the fact that I can get high quality mp3s for $1 from a reputable label in Saddle Creek (Bright Eyes, Georgie James), just got the band a listener they never had before.  Oh and where did this process start? A blog!

Cursive – Mama,I’m Swollen

Pick up Cursive – Mama, Im Swollen at Saddle Creek

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio