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JayeL Audio Q & A with Kyle Lucas: Part 2

As promised, below is the 2nd half of the Kyle Lucas interview.  Be sure to check out all of the mixtapes mentioned.  They are all free and worth multiple listens.  Also, pick up Vonnegutt‘s The Vice Nine EP.  Its not exactly new, but it is great (especially “Bright Eyes” and “On My Side”) and should tide you over until the debut album drops.  The soon-to-be released first single, “Here We Go Again” will be ringing in your ears long after your first listen.  I heard it live (amazing!), without Big Boi, so it can’t wait for the final version.

8. You were just featured on the New Classics mixtape, how did that appearance come about?
That’s actually a funny story. I was hoping I got the invite but that never happened, which is understandable, I got a lot to prove and I’m a new cat in the game as far as notoriety. I just entered the contest like every other emcee. I had a conversation with Billy Hume about it the other day. I could have been stubborn and said “shit, I have a record deal, they should have asked me to be on it or I don’t’ want to be a part of it.” But that’s not how I am. I’m hungry, so I kind of had to bully my way on to the tape and enter the contest like every other emcee. I’m just happy to be included in any way, shape or form. There are no rules in this game and no room for being stuck up on any note. You have to be humble and grateful for every chance you get, work hard and take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Shouts to Cook Classics, Tunji and Mario over at as well, they have showed me a lot of love! And Cook killed the production on that tape, it’s incredible!

9. What was the process like getting signed to Purple Ribbon? Where did that relationship start?

Getting signed to Purple Ribbon was a dream come true. A lot of people don’t’ know this, but we had the contract on the table before we ever did a show. Even before we had a full band, it was just me and Neil. And just the fact that Big Boi wanted to sign us off the strength alone, no buzz or cd sales or touring or anything, he just really, really believed in the music. That means a lot to us, there are no gimmicks involved here, just good music. The relationship started way before me and Neil had a band, just when Neil was doing studio work up there at Stankonia, Ga (Big Boi’s studio) and working with various producers up there. Then we started demoing out material with the producers Royal Flush (producers of Big Boi’s Grammy nominated single “Royal Flush”) and it just snowballed after that. I’m just happy to be here man. It kinda blows my mind when you think about the amount of bands and rappers in my city alone and Big Boi believed enough in us to give us a deal. It’s an amazing feeling.

10. What is the best advice you’ve been given by Big Boi or anyone you’ve encountered in the industry?
Big Boi told me to never dumb shit down. I have a line on my new mixtape called “They think I’ve gone soft with this pop shit/but Big Boi told me not to dumb it down, still pop shit.” Which is basically me just saying “yea, the band and I make catchy ass music, pop music if you will, but I’ve never dumb shit down.” I’m going to always come hard lyrically or at least to the best of my abilities. I do pride myself in my lyrics and my flow and I’m always going to be progressing that aspect of my music. Which is, when you think about it, is the same genius in Outkast. They make pop music come to them. They do such original, off the wall music and the mainstream shifts to them. Like “Hey Ya” or Bombs Over Bagdad”. Some other good advice I got is from producer Billy Hume who told to do as much as possible. So I’ve have been doing a lot of writing, a lot of guest features, working on Vonnegutt songs and cranking out these mixtapes songs as well. I’m just really trying to do as much as possible and build the biggest buzz I possibly can.

11. Who are 5 artists/producers you’d like to work with?
I would love to do a song with Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. I think his lyrics and melodies are insane. They are one of, if not, my favorite band(s) and I’m always blown away by his song writing. I think that would be very dope to do a song with him. Patrick from Fall Out Boy is an incredible singer and working with him would be ill. The production work he’s done on The Cab’s album, Lupe’s album and Gym Class Heroes albums has been phenomenal. Umm…other then that I want to do a song with Joe Budden. Producer wise I’d like to work with 9th Wonder and Timbaland. I think that would be incredible. Oh, and I want to rap on a remix of one of Panic! At The Disco’s songs. Is that still 5? Ha-ha I think it’s 6. Fuck it! Ha-ha.

12. What should fans know about your self-run label, Bayside High?
Bayside High is just a mini imprint I’ve started to put out music by people I’ve worked with forever, people that I believe in and music I believe it. We are taking baby steps as of now, with the first step being releasing my boy Syd Vicious ep. I just wanted to plant the seed now, so when I’m in my 30’s or so I can focus fully on running a label. I feel that I would be a very good label rep and I just wanted to start working on that now. Why wait till I’m older? So definitely look out for Syd Vicious, he is, by far, the illest unsigned emcee in Atlanta. It’s amazing how dope he is and I just kind of wanted people to hear him. It’s going to be produced by Simon Illa.

13. You have a great stage presence and bring a lot of energy when performing, what’s the best way to get ready for a show? What are the next tour plans?

Well I’m super stoked you dig the show! And I’m glad you think we are dope live. That is one of the aspects that we have been working really hard at, as far as what we are trying to improve. When I get ready for a show, it usually consists of me pacing around a lot and trying not to throw up. Ha-ha. I’m always super nervous. But every show we’ve done has been ten folds better the last so I think that’s a positive thing. Vonnegutt is really working on our debut album and securing a major label. That’s the immediate goal for 2009. We really want to tour, so we are planning on doing some touring this year as well. We have some things lined up, some big things, but I don’t’ want to say it cause if it doesn’t happen I will look like an asshole. Ha-ha. But definitely plan on seeing us do a promo run with Big Boi for sure when his album drops. But we have some other things in the works right now.

14. The mixtapes have been obvious hits, when can we expect a proper solo debut and/or a Vonnegutt album?
A solo debut will probably come later. Right now the focus is the Vonnegutt debut album and my next mixtape; It’s Always Sunny In Marietta. With Vonnegutt, it’s a lot of collaborating, writing, re-writing, etc. It’s a band so there are more people involved. The mixtapes are normally just me as far as writing goes. I’m very pleased, almost shocked with the amount of exposure/press my last mixtape got. But its dope because it’s another avenue to be able to give the fans free music and at the same time promote Vonnegutt. Mixtapes are also extremely fun to make. There are no rules. And that’s kind of the mindset me and producer Simon illa (who heads up the majority of producing/mixing/recording) go into each one with. It’s Always Sunny in Marietta coming soon!!!

15. Is there anything people who aren’t familiar with your work should know? Why should they be checking for Kyle Lucas?

I would tell them to definitely download my two mixtapes Kyle Lucas is My Favorite and Kyle Lucas is Still My Favorite on my MySpace. They’re Free! Also look out for my band, Vonnegutt. I also, have a new mixtape, It’s Always Sunny in Marietta dropping soon. Ive got production work from Simon Illa, MW, Captain Midnite, and Keeynote. Features consist of Keiry Valdez, Sean Falyon, Donny Goines, Jon Hope, A Hott Mess and more. I’m also going to be going up to Seattle to collaborate with Captain Midnite on a joint EP in early June. That should be fun. Neil from Vonnegutt has a free ep out as well the A Tone Ep, as well as another mixtape/ep dropping very soon. So definitely a lot of free music coming out! Vonnegutt should be dropping our first single “Here We Go Again (Repeat Offender)” ft. Big Boi on iTunes very very very soon!

Kyle Lucas – Doin’ Time 2008

Kyle Lucas – Always Be There ft Ben Grant

Vonnegutt – Shaky Love

Kyle Lucas – The Adventures of Kyle Lucas & Capt. Midnite ft Capt. Midnite

Thanks again Kyle for taking the time.  I certainly appreciate all the new readers who stopped by (and hopefully will come back!).

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