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Mike Posner: Mixtape "Time"

If you didn’t already know, Detroit Metro area’s Mike Posner just released A Matter of Time on iTunes, curated by Don Cannon and DJ Benzi.  If other artists have done this before, just skip these next few sentences.  This is a huge testament to the buzz surrounding Mike Posner & the Brain Trust.  Not only did he get some co-signs from 2 major DJ’s in the mixtape game, but for it to be exclusively available at iTunes is huge.

Posner’s previously released music, “Cooler Than Me” and “Who Knows”, leans somewhere between rap, r&b and pop, and the mixtape, A Matter of Time follows suit.  While most people are using AutoTune, Posner uses his unique, raspy voice to his advantage over his slick productions.  Tracks like “Halo” and “Hey Cupid” are pretty solid pop fare, whereas “Smoke and Drive” has a rap edge.  It also marks the first time I’ve ever heard marijuana described as a member of Bell Biv Devoe, ha.

Most mixtapes feature rappers freestyling over the latest hot beats, Matter of Time features a couple of reworkings in “Evil Woman” and “Losing My Mind”.  “Losing My Mind” takes a less ghetto approach to Gorilla Zoe’s “Lost” and could be one of the best tracks on the mixtape.

Get Mike Posner & the Brain Trust – A Matter of Time for FREE on iTunes

Mike Posner & the Brain Trust – Cooler Than Me ft Big Sean

Mike Posner & the Brain Trust – Losing My Mind

Also check out Mike Posner’s page on SoundClick.  He has some beats that I’m sure you’ll hear in the future.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio