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Illinoize: The Remix Tape

Disclaimer: I almost didn’t write about this artist, because I saw it 3 other places, but I realized people who read this blog, may not read the same ones I do.  Blogging is very much like word of mouth and similar to that form of communication: most people only go to those of influence they trust.

When it comes to music, this is very much the case.  I have certain friends that any time they suggest a new act, I look them up immediately.  Similarly, my RSS feed used to only consist of 3 music blogs.  Now, its overloaded and I’m constantly playing catch-up (this is a good thing).  This only happened after I found more trusted sources for new music on a consistent basis.  I would assume most of the readers who started with this blog, are branching out (hopefully with the blog roll on the right).

Besides, even though I’ve had more views in recent months than I’ve ever had (thank you, btw), I don’t have the luxury of having many artists send music to me directly.  Hopefully, that will change in the future (Send all tracks to

Now for the new music. Illinioze is a mash-up/remix project consisting of production by Tor and samples of folk rocker, Sufjan Stevens.  Producer Tor crafted a slick EP of hip-hop legends, old (CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, OutKast) and new (Brother Ali, Aesop Rock) with indie/folk singers on The Remix Tape.  Rhymes of social commentary and hustling have never sounded so slick over laid back, mid-tempo rhythms.  I’d even say it makes me pay more attention to the poignant lyricists featured.

The obvious favorite is the excellent use of one my favorite OutKast jams, “ATLiens” with Stevens’ “Dumb I Sound”.  Big Boi‘s line about being “cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails” has never been more appropriate.

1. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Star of Wonder / None Shall Pass (f. Aesop Rock)
2. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Dumb I Sound / ATLiens (f. Outkast)
3. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr. / Specialize (f. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
4. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – The Tallest Man / I Like It (f. Grand Puba)
5. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Kill / Any Type of Way (f. Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier)
6. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Night Zombies / Talkin’ My Shit (f. Brother Ali)
7. Tor / Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You / Make You Feel That Way (f. Gift Of Gab)

Get the Illinoize – The Remix Tape here FREE in high quality mp3 or FLAC formats here.

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