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Dan Deacon: "Bromst" Fever


I haven’t been a huge Dan Deacon fan in the past.  I liked his ideas about music and performing tactics, but his schizo-music was a little nuts for me.  That pretty much changed today.  Its still probably the craziest brand of electro I’ve ever listened to, but I’ve broadened my horizons since I saw him in Chicago last year.

This was all spurred by a 4-part documentary-like segment featured on this week.  The 4 videos show Deacon (sporting some awesome glasses that I’m pretty sure he borrowed from my 1st grade teacher) in Whitefish, Montana at Snow Ghost (probably the coolest studio I’ve ever heard of) finishing his latest album, Bromst.  Not only does it give viewers an in-depth look at Deacon’s goals for the new music, but it shows how passionate he is in crafting good music.  It also helps that he’s vastly knowledgeable, he has a graduate degree in “electro-acoustic and computer music composition”.  Hes kind of like a musical mad scientist.

Bromst is also being streamed (FREE) on NPR Music.  After a first listen, its like a cauldron of dance pop, electro, noise art, sound effects and creepy vocals/samples.  Its probably not for everyone, but if you appreciate production, pulsating beats and intricate melodies, you’ll love it.  Watching to videos, only made me appreciate more what Deacon put into this effort.  “Build Voice” does just that with frantic piano in epic and sweeping fashion.  “Surprise Stefani” sounds like the Spectro Magic parade at Disney World after a hallucinogen-filled night.  “Woof Woof” is like Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” on overdrive. These are all good things btw.

I would be interested to see Dan Deacon perform, with his 14-piece band, when he strolls through Atlanta (April 10th at the Eyedrum).  The music has so much energy I imagine it would translate into a grand experience.  Catch him in Detroit at Scrummage on May 9th.

Dan Deacon – Build Voice

Pre-order or pick up Dan Deacon – Bromst on March 24th.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio