Tunde Olaniran: "Trill"? yes

tunde olaniran
This week an insane amount of bands, managers, dj’s and music industry folk descended on Austin, TX for South by Southwest. From everything I’ve drooled about over the past few years, it sounds like its mecca for a music fan.  Bands perform show after show with day parties and bar nights that create insane 1 night line-ups like this.  Its probably best that I don’t ever try to attend.  It sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen.

Anyways, while researching what Michigan bands would be represented at SXSW this year.  I recognized Kinetic Stereokids and Craig Owens of Chiodos (from my hometown of Davison), but had never heard of Tunde Olaniran.  He was described as a “techno/R&B” artist from Flint, MI.  By way of Nigeria/Germany/England, but still, Flint.  When I lived in the area, I wasn’t really into the local music scene (other than these gems), so when I read that description, I had to hear more.

I was more than impressed with what I found.  I’d probably classify Tunde Olaniran as more of an electro/hip-hop act, than “techno/R&B’, but what do I know?  Olaniran’s collaborations with producers CLP on “Superconfidential” and “I’m So Trill” are stellar and catchy rap-inspired electro.  “Just Call Me Free” from Infinite Modulation, allows the Olaniran to bounce over the looped soul track, interspersing rhymes with slick crooning.

I have a feeling Tunde Olaniran will have even more buzz after SXSW.  I’ll keep you updated.

CLP – Superconfidential ft Tunde Olaniran

CLP – I’m So Trill ft Tunde Olaniran

If you’re going to SXSW, Tunde Olaniran will be performing with CLP on March 20th at Brush Park at noon and on March 21st at Karma Lounge at 11pm.

Pick Tunde Olaniran – Inifinite Modulation here.

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio