The Hood Internet: Can't Stop Mash-Ups

hood internet
This car accident ordeal has pretty much been a royal pain in the ass for all aspects of life. Since I do most of my listening on the road, one of those areas has been catching up on new music.  However, I have managed to keep track of what the Hood Internet has been up to over the past few months.

You should already know them by now, but DJ STV SLV and ABX have pretty much been on fire lately.  Aside from hooking up with Chicago-based Dialogue Inc. for a podcast, they’ve been churning out more mash-ups of rap/indie/dance tracks.  Matching “Young Adult Friction” with “I Love College” makes Asher Roth’s anthem a little less played out.  Hip-hop flows of Weezy and Beasties boost the re-playability of Royksopp and Matt and Kim’s beat heavy tracks.  Somehow, they even managed to turn one of the filthiest (and most ridiculous) songs ever, into a dance-party track by way of Junior Boys.

ABX – I Love Friction (Asher Roth vs The Pains of Being Pure At Heart)

ABX – Comfortable Up Here (Lil’ Wayne vs Royksopp)

DJ STV SLV – Good Ol’ Fashion Rump Shaker (Matt and Kim vs Beastie Boys)

ABX – Smell Yo Boys (Riskay vs Junior Boys)

The Hood Internet also has a few tour dates scheduled. I would hope they’ll be a late to the Lolla line-up as well.

May 19 – The Hideout, Chicago, IL
May 30 – Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
June 6 – Wakarusa, Ozark, AK
June 19 – Libation, New York, NY
June 26 – W Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT

Hope to have more posts and a mixtape soon.