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Johnny Foreigner: Post Punk "Room"

johnny foreigner

Not new…but new to me. Johnny Foreigner is a 3-piece post punk outfit, who are quite good at crafting noisy tracks that turn out catchy.  An old friend from high school has been spending quite a bit of time across the pond lately and he recommended this Birmingham, England based rockers (check out Andrew Ranville art!).

The band’s sophomore album, Waited Up ’til It Was Light, was released last June, but Johnny Foreigner is worth falling back for. “Lea Room” and “Eyes Wide Terrified” are only a few of the melodic synth-tastic efforts worth listening to over and over. After many songs, I was somewhat reminded of Tokyo Police Club.  Johnny Foreigner lead singer, Alexei Berrow is like Tokyo Police Club with a real British accent (TPK lead singer, Dave Monks is from Canada) and if TPK would have kept the girl from “Nature of the Experiment “.  A tad more sing-songy (I know, not a real word), but look for Johnny Foreigner to have the edge when they breakthrough in the States.

Johnny Foreigner – Lea Room

Johnny Foreigner – Eyes Wide Terrified

Purchase Johnny Foreigner –Waited Up ’til It Was Light here.

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