Vonnegutt: "Vice Nine" EP Free

Vonnegutt Front Cover
Hopefully you were already supporting Vonnegutt and maybe this means the proper debut will be arriving soon.  Kyle Lucas announced today that The Vice Nine EP will be available for free download (+ 3 bonus tracks).

Here is what Kyle had to say about it:

The Vice Nine EP was created in a little under 2 months with producer Michael Woodruff, Neil Garrard and myself. This was our first attempt at blending electronica, pop, hip-hop and alternative into one sound. Though the imperfections are many, i feel that their is a spark of what is now the Vonnegutt you all have grown to love!

In my opinion, its a very solid representation of the beginning, but if you’ve been paying attention, you know there is more to come. “Here We Go Again” ft Big Boi coming soon!  The EP and my favorite track are below.

Vonnegutt – The Vice Nine EP

Vonnegutt – Bright Eyes (you send)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio