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Hype Machine: Believe It

When people ask me where to find the best new music, I usually list the numerous music news/blogs sites I visit numerous times a day (thanks Google Reader).  But the main reason I’ve found these blogs and religiously check them everyday is because of an introduction to the Hype Machine.

The Hype Machine is a search engine that combs through blogs across the internets.  You can search by artist, song title, etc., and chances are if you are looking for something indie, alternative, mash-up or blogger friendly, you’ll be happy.  The major record labels pretty much know how powerful it is, so its not likely pop or mainstream records are on there for long.  Then again, if thats all your listening to, you need to broaden your horizons anyways.

The way The Hype Machine standouts out from the rest is the function to play the tracks with the click of a button.  You don’t even have to visit the blog where the song is posted, if you just want to listen (if you need the download, just view the post).  While there are thousands upon thousands of blogs available for search, the only way your blog is one of them is if you are approved by the editors.

Finally, JayeL Audio Music was approved.  So far, only recent posts have songs playable, but I hope to be posting more soon.  If you’d like to follow my blog (not like f-ing twitter), accounts are free and you can keep track of your listening as well.  My views have increased immensely since my blog was approved, so hopefully more people are hearing what I’m listening to.

This also means I need to post songs with You Send links for single tracks to get picked up by Hype.  I’ll still be posting on, so choose your own adventure.

Find JayeL Audio Music on the Hype Machine here.

Daniel Merriweather – Change ft Wale (ys)

Deastro – Vermillion Plaza (ys)

Big Sean – Tomorrow (ys)

Datarock – Give It Up (ys)

DJ Class – I’m the Shit remix ft Kanye West & Estelle (ys)