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Passion Pit: Manners Deal

passion pit manners
In case you didn’t already see this, Passion Pit‘s debut album is on today for $2.99.  If you liked the Chunk of Change EP, you’ll love this.  $3 is well worth the psychedelic-pop frenzy your ear drums will be treated to.

Its good enough that I probably won’t put any of the synth-friendly tracks on this week’s JayeL Audio mixtape because I can’t decide which song to choose.  Right now, “Eyes As Candles” is my favorite.

If you need a listen or 2 to validate a purchase, Manners is still streaming at their myspace.

Buy Passion Pit – Manners at today for $2.99

Passion Pit – Better Things

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Kids At The Bar remix)

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