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Girl Talk: The Live Bootleg Collection

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There was quite a response from my post about the latest Girl Talk live bootleg, Live at Yale.  So much in fact that, track 6 (“I’m Ill) was the most popular song on the Hype Machine for a day (yes, if I had glasses, I would push them up now).  A pretty big deal for me anyways, so thanks to the Hype Machine, its readers, the bootleggers and Mr. Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk.

The people who were gracious enough to comment asked for postings of the rest of the bootlegs I had.  Thanks to iamsoseriou, I now have 5 out of 6.  If anyone has Girl Talk’s Live at Bonnaroo ’07, please send it my way.

Girl Talk Murders Seattle (Thanks to
*Sample: Girl Talk – What Its All About

Live at Capitol Hill Block Party (Thanks to

Live at Camp Bisco ’07
*One big .mp3 file. If anyone wants to cut it up, be my guest.

Live at All Points West ’08
*Sample: Girl Talk – Roc Android

Live at Yale’s Spring Fling (Thanks to freeculturemusic)

Below is the video that started it all for me, Live at Empty Bottle in ’07.

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