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Vonnegutt: Updates & Shows

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Its been a minute since I posted anything about up and coming ATL-based band, Vonnegutt. They’ve certainly been busy though in preparation for their soon to be completed album on Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label.

First off, emcee of the group, Kyle Lucas flew to Seattle to work with rising producer, Captain Midnite to work on some new music. A quick few days of recording sessions turned out the solid EP, I Brought Dead Flowers To A Funeral. Be sure to pick it up here.

Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite – The New Light ft Sol & Grynch

Next up, singer Neil Garrard has been in the lab with Big Boi working on Mr. Antwon Patton’s solo, Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty. Vonnegutt TV released a sneak peek of the duo performing a new track at Big Boi’s recent show at the W. Sounds like another hit. This album should be out already….
Finally, Vonnegutt is starting line up a few dates in preparation for a larger tour. The band will be opening for Ben Deignan this Saturday at Smith’s Olde Bar and opening for The Status on August 7th at the Masquerade. Get your $8 advance tix for this Saturday’s 9pm show here.

Vonnegutt – The Vice Nine EP

Vonnegutt – Bright Eyes

…And Kyle, we need “Here We Go Again (Repeat Offender)” to drop ASAP.

Vonnegutt Upcoming Shows

7/18/09 Ben Deignanw/ Vonnegutt Smith’s Olde Bar 9pm
8/07/09 The Statusw/ Vonnegutt the Masquerade TBD