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Showstopper '09: 8/2/09 – KiD CuDi/Asher Roth – The Tabernacle

cudi atl
Still a little bitter about being too far from Chicago, IL for Lollapalooza, I had my own concert spree with 2 in 1 week.

Sunday, I was able to check out The Great Hangover Tour, when it stopped at The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. I didn’t get there in time to see Pac Division or Decatur’s own Bobby Ray aka b.o.b., but I did see the main attractions, KiD CuDi and Asher Roth.

Our party walked up the front steps of The Tabernacle just as CuDi opened the show with OutKast sampled “Down and Out.” Having never been to the Tabernacle, I was immediately impressed by the restored venue and thankful to find a good spot just behind soundboard. KiD CuDi steamrolled thru hits off his only official mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, with backing from the crowd like it was an official album. He teased a couple of new tracks (“Lion’s Jaw”, “Mr Solo Dolo”), but hit his stride with Kickdrums mixtape cut, “Sky High”. The screen behind him glowed with clouds and blue sky as he breezed thru the Kanye-sampled track. After turning the crowd into a frenzy with the closer, “Day n Nite” (and the Crookers remix), he earned chants of “CuDi!”.

Asher Roth followed up with a fun set, but….I left pretty underwhelmed. I mean, anyone following CuDi was pretty much set up to fail. However, it was a semi-homecoming show for Roth, after recording in Atlanta last summer and he was clearly enjoying himself. His set featured an entrance to the “Saved By The Bell” theme, a hype-man that looked like a college buddy, chasing a marijuana plant around stage, a break for a “Candy Rain” tribute and a constant smile.

Asleep In The Bread Aisle
is much better than the press it got, so that wasn’t the problem. The drummer was a nice punctuation on my favorite tracks “As I Em” and “Fallen”. My main issue was the constant yelling into the microphone. You really don’t need to scream your raps into a mic, thats why its a mic. I’ve seen plenty of rappers do it (NaS, Xzibit, 50 Cent to name a few), but I was just hoping Asher wouldn’t. I showed Laura the album versions of the tracks he performed and she could’ve sworn they weren’t even the same songs. I guess that why my hip-hop/rap attendance has waned recently. The main highlight of Asher’s show was DJ Recognize’s scratch/mix work from “Say It Ain’t So” into “I Love College”. Still, 2 encores later, and the crowd was asking for more CuDi.

Laura, not having been to a rap concert before, asked if “rappers usually smile that much in concert?” Usually “no”, but when you have as much buzz as these two, there is plenty reason to.
KiD CuDi – Sky High

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio