Chris Bryant: Not A "Mistake"

While I tortured and enjoyed myself with the Lollapalooza simulcast on, I was able to catch Ben Harper‘s Saturday performance with new outfit, Relentless7. The energy and emotion he put into that set made me rethink my initial judgment of White Lies For Dark Times.

It also reminded me that North Carolina-based artist Chris Bryant contacted me with a cool idea. Bryant is a middle school teacher for 9 months and singer/songwriter in the mean time. When not educating the youth of America, he found time to cover Ben Harper & Relentless7’s White Lies For Dark Times album in its entirety. Bryant’s edition is called Mistake Number One. While many artists are covering the latest pop hits, Bryant chose an album that didn’t get a lot of hype, but spoke to his soul.

Bryant won’t be mistaken for Ben Harper anytime soon, but he doesn’t try to be. Where Harper and company thrive as a blues rock wrecking crew, Bryant soulfully tackles each track in folk rock fashion. Bryant impressively plays every instrument on the effort, from bongos to slide guitar to things I’ve never heard of like darbuka and djembe. His crooning (especially on “Shimmer & Shine”) makes you appreciate the lyrics Harper crafted even more the second time around. Not to mention the budding talent in Chris Bryant.

You can sample every track from the cover album here.

Then pre-order Chris Bryant – Mistake Number One, before its release on September 22.

Chris Bryant – Shimmer & Shine (Ben Harper & Relentless7 cover)

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio