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Showstopper '09: 8/7/09 – Vonnegutt – The Masquerade

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My own personal music fest continued Friday, when Laura and I headed to the Masquerade for Round 2 of Kyle Lucas and Vonnegutt. There was some confusion as to when the band’s set would take place, but it gave me a chance to check out The Status.

After a great set by The Status, Vonnegutt revved up a decent size “Hell” crowd of friends and loyalists. The festivities started with first single “Here We Go Again” and burned through the Vice Nine EP. Vonnegutt got great responses (and sing-a-longs) from updated editions of cuts like “Bright Eyes” and new track penned by Neil. This was the first show that I saw Taylor on the drums and he played about as hard as you can. The chemistry was pretty obvious with Patrick, Neil and Kyle. Energy reached a fever pitch when Kyle asked the crowd to show their hearts as the band launched into the ever-improving cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless”. All in all, a great night at the Masquerade for only $8. Not too shabby.

I suppose Big Boi is waiting on his solo to drop, but its really about time Vonnegutt’s debut was released. Or at the very least, the band should be getting more promo. I mean, the band seems to be doing everything they can from free interviews, free downloads, ASCAP Showcases and they are available on every social networking tool there is. Obviously, I’m no label head or manager, but it just seems like there should be more buzz around these guys. After seeing Asher Roth’s performance last week, if he can gain fame by running around and shouting into a mic off 1 single, these guys could definitely show him a thing or two about rocking a show.

Vonnegutt – 8/7/09 – The Masquerade
1. Here We Go Again (Repeat Offender)
2. Ex-Girlfriends Are
3. Moving On
4. Shaky Love
5. On My Side
6. Bright Eyes
7. Ode To What’s Left of Hope (new!)
8. Heartless (Kanye West cover)
9. Final Fantasy

Be sure to check out Vonnegutt at these upcoming shows:
8/21 – The Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC
9/24 – Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY
9/26 – Northeastern University – Boston, MA

Neil Garrard – Mirando remix