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My Next Move: Reader Help

So if you’ve stopped by JayeL Audio over the past 2 weeks, you may have noticed something other than my blog. The RIAA opted to tell they needed to shut down my blog for “copywrite infringement”. Granted, not everything you listen to here is exactly “legal”, but a lot of it is “free and legal” promotional singles or remixes/mash-ups, that artists have deemed okay to send to the masses.

The best part of the RIAA’s complaint was that they singled out this post, from MAY!!! In fact, the Passion Pit post was regarding a deal to get Manners for $4 or less. I linked two previously released songs, but a number of people at least clicked their way to Amazon (hopefully to purchase). Giving away a track from an EP was not going to ruin Passion Pit. In fact, the only reason I found out about the band was finding “Sleepyhead” as a “promo single”. Since then, I’ve bought everything the band has put out and will be glad to see them in concert when they come back to ATL. Free music turned me into a faithfull fan and this blog has turned many others into fans as well. Essentially, I’ll never understand the record industry.

Sorry for the rant, but this lead me to my next decision: I need a new spot for posting new music you need to hear. Help me, help you. I’ve contemplated moving to a self-hosted site with a theme by for quite awhile, but am not sure if its the best route. This involves paying for a domain name, monthly hosting fees, finding a new theme, some code (i think) and more time and effort than I’m currently putting forth. So if any of you faithful readers has any suggestions about hosting, serving, ads, etc, please let me know.

Free and Fair Game Mp3s (courtesy of The Hood Internet, Pitchfork and Largehearted Boy)
The Hood Internet – Wetter & Jeffer (Twista vs Boyz Noize)
Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why (Eagles cover)
Black Whales – Books on Tape
Volcano Choir – IS
Ra Ra Riot – Manner to Act (RAC mix)