The Girls Can Hear Us: “You Want It”?

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Matt over at Shatterbrained has been hyping up The Girls Can Hear Us for more than a minute now, but I hadn’t had a chance to give them a proper review.

He wasn’t kidding.

Consisting of Will Steep (lyricist/rapper) and Howard Huszar (production), The Girls Can Hear Us have a slick rap/sung electro vibe that I’ve been addicted to this year. Think LMFAO but more reckless and more lyrical/musical potential. Will’s rhymes constantly battle with party life (“Drug Dancin'”) and pain-filled angst (“I Know This Song”), while Edmond’s production sways from house to electro-pop.
“You Want It, I Want It” starts with slow rhymes that build with the beat before turning into a reckless party anthem. “All I Need Is You” diverts with a frantic piano headlined by Will’s anxiety-filled rant, then segways into a full-on riot.

Find out more about The Girls Can Hear Us at their new website (with more downloads) and already buzzing Facebook Fan Page (check mine while you’re at it).

The Girls Can Hear Us – You Want It, I Want It
The Girls Can Hear Us – All I Need Is You

You’ll certainly be hearing more from these guys in the near future.

Be sure to pick up The Girls Can Hear Us’ debut at Amazon or iTunes on 12/31/09!

Thanks to Will and Matt for sending this along (and sorry for the delay).

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio