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Favorite Albums of the Decade: Little Brother – The Listening

the listening
Little Brother – The Listening (2003)
Still at home attending U of M-Flint, my interest in hip-hop was high, but the genre was at an all time low. Radio was obviously trash, Jay-Z was ready to hang the mic up and OutKast was good, but diverting from hip-hop even further. I needed a new outlet to find music and my home 56K connection wasn’t cutting it.

The only place I could get a T-1 connection was at campus, so I hauled my laptop to my student job at the school’s shipping and receiving department most days. On the many breaks, I came across HipHopDX, and an insane chat platform called mIRC. It was thru these portals that I ran across Little Brother. Countless threads and posts mentioned a new producer named 9th Wonder and 2 emcee’s Phonte and Big Pooh, that had come up with a strong underground following based on their album, The Listening. I still listened to the weak Flint radio stations constantly and never heard a mention of these upstarts from NC. Around June, I finally checked out “So Fabulous” and knew immediately what I was missing. Witty punchlines and thoughtful lyrics and soul samples that would make a young Kanye West drool, and were exactly the refreshing the game needed. The Listening was the first album I ever purchased online and kept it in rotation constantly. Hopefully, we will see a Little Brother reunion soon.

Since then, my stable of online resources have quantified. I almost never listen to the radio and always find new acts via blogs, music players and search engines. Its actually crazy to me that I used to sit next to my radio to record 92.7 FM’s Hot 9 at 9, so I could find out what new music I’d listen to next. Hopefully, this blog is one of those sources for you.

American Pie sh** try anything once/Forever stained in memory like white shirts and punch

-Big Pooh

Purchase Little Brother – The Listening here.

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