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Favorite Albums of the Decade: Jay-Z – The Blueprint/The Black Album

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Jay-Z – The Blueprint (2001)/The Black Album (2003)
2001 and 2003 were definitely interesting times for Shawn Carter and me. In 2001, Jay-Z had just beat a criminal case and came off one of his weaker albums. In 2001, I had been second guessing my decision to stay at home, rather than East Lansing and came off one of my weaker semesters of college classes. 2003 brought Jay-Z thoughts of going out of the rap game on top, where he belonged. 2003 brought me thoughts of re-applying to Michigan State University, where I actually belonged. These two albums would be considred landmarks for Jay-Z. I eventually did make the right decision and transfer to Michigan State….so I can’t really bring these comparisons together, but either way the future worked out well for the both for us.

Jay-Z is definitely my favorite artist of all time and these 2 are the closest he has came to reaching Reasonable Doubt status, but here is what always bothered me: If he would have cut a few songs from each and combined the best from both albums, it would be the sickest of the bunch. You’re telling me you thought “Jigga That N****” and “Hola Hovito” were necessary? How about “Justify My Thug” or “Change Clothes” were must haves? I mean, they were recorded 2 years apart, but hypothetically, you would have had a ridiculously amazing album.

See below for what would’ve been (IMO):
Disc 1-
1. Ruler’s Back
2. Takeover
3. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
4. Girls, Girls, Girls
5. U Don’t Know
6. Heart of the City
7. Never Change
8. Song Cry
9. Renegade

Song Cry – Jay-Z

Disc Two –
1. December 4th
2. What More Can I Say
3. Encore
4. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
5. Threat
6. Moment Of Clarity
7. 99 Problems
8. Lucifer
9. My First Song

Moment Of Clarity – Jay-Z

By jayelaudio!/jayelaudio