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Favorite Albums of the Decade: Girl Talk – The Nightripper

Girl Talk – Night Ripper (2007)
I had heard of Girl Talk in early ’07 via My Old Kentucky Blog. Admittedly, I initially didn’t give him a chance based on his ridiculous name. As the number of blogs in my RSS feed grew, so did the places I saw Greg Gillis’ ridiculous moniker. In June, I gave Night Ripper its first listen and I was blown away. I had heard so called mash-ups before, but they were really just blends of 1 song over another. The number of samples and genres thrown at my eardrums were mind-numbing. After a couple of listens, I actually thought, is this too much? “Tiny Dancer” with “Juicy”? Wait was that song at the end of “Fight Club” just mixed with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “Hate Me Now”? Whoa. I knew my musical taste had grown tremendously over the last year, but is this too crazy? I kept it to myself until a 3 hour drive to Caseville, MI with Laura. I told her I was really into this album I downloaded and we should listen to it on the way. I wanted her to give me her honest opinion, but we had to listen to it all of it. After listening to The Nightripper once in its entirety, she asked “Can we listen to it again?”.

Since that summer, Gillis’ brand of mash-ups has been the perfect soundtrack to late nights. Somehow, no matter where I am, either Night Ripper, Feed the Animals or any one of the live bootlegs end up a dance party when with friends. Most people I know didn’t get hooked until Feed the Animals, but I’m still partial to this album. Don’t get me wrong, Feed the Animals has every hit from the last 50 years. I think the moment I heard Night Ripper, mixed with the “oh-shit” factor and introduction to a ton of new artists makes is so great. I don’t imagine this obsession will last forever with the numerous acts trying the same thing, some good (E-603 and Super Mash Bros), some okay (Car Stereo Wars). But for the moment, its an addiction.

Smash Your Head – Girl Talk

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